At Pelletteria Ariston, we have decided not to set an e-commerce for the direct sale to our final consumers. In fact, we are searching every day for the best physical shops to sell our luxury bags, according with our handicraft and quality standards.

In our website, you can only find a B2B private section, where retailers and wholesalers alike can have a look at our ever-evolving collections.
Then, we allow our business customers to sell our Giulia Ricchini branded bags in their own stores, whether physical or online, under agreement.
We only authorise stores that reflect our values and ideals of quality and transparency to sell our products, in conformity with the Made in Italy principles.

Several presumed online shops sell Giulia Ricchini bags without any permission, violating our property rights.
We have implemented a strict policy to discourage those sellers, in order to keep this phenomenon under control. However, these websites are constantly appearing and disappearing, and they are therefore hard to monitor.

We kindly ask for your cooperation, and for you to report any possible abuse through the contact form here below.
Please, fill in the form with your data, the link to the website you consider inappropriate and a message to tell us how you got to know it.

Thank you: your help is precious.